​​Originally called Blackie. A seven year old Black Arabian/Saddlebred Warmblood Mare with a star. She belongs to Stevie since the Episode 18. She is a high spirited horse and one of the strongest in the stable. Stevie first encountered Belle during a western riding clinic, thinking she was The Phantom Horse that had been talked about so much. Belle appeared dirty and straggly with rain rot patches on her back. Stevie rescued the abandoned mare and brought her to the stable to clean her up. After seeing the article that Deborah wrote about Stevie finding Belle, Belle's rightful owner Chelsea Owens travels to Pine Hollow to legally take Belle home. Stevie has no choice, but to give Belle back to Chelsea. It seems like Stevie is going to lose Belle forever, but Chelsea does the right thing and gives Belle to Stevie when she sees how they belong together. Also because Deborah Hale's opinion "matters to her". Meaning that she doesn't want Deborah to print an article about the truth. It turns out that Chelsea has been losing horses on purpose to get their insurance money.