Dorothée Doutey is a well know character from the saddle club and she is very popular.

  • Dorothée Doutey is a seventeen-year-old Junior Champion from Paris, France, but at first, she comes across as cold because her mind is clouded with doubt about her own riding abilities. A serious fall in a riding accident broke her pelvis and set back her career while she spent eight weeks in the hospital. Even the judges of the event felt she pushed her horse, Hugo, far too hard, and that caused the accident. Her parents sent her to Pine Hollow with Hugo, hoping to help bring her out of her psychological shell. Dorothée limps when she walks, and it is very hard to get to know her due to her doubt and shattered self-confidence, but she is not as bad as she seems. She gets invited to join the French Olympic Team and she goes to ride in the Olympics. She seems to have a crush on Red but Kristie gets jealous and is very horrible to her.