After Cobalt is put down, Veronica diAngelo's parents buy her a new horse: Garnet. Garnet is a beautiful reddish-brown, expensive horse. Veronica, however, is not very interested in taking care of it and often talks about getting a better horse. In the end, though, you can tell Veronica loves her horse. Garent is a seven year old Chestnut Anglo-Arab mare with a blaze. She belongs to Veronica as of Episode 13 when her parents buy her after Cobalt must be put down. Veronica did not want Garnet originally because she so desperately wanted a stallion, and she even asked her dad to send her back. Veronica even said that Garnet wasn't better than Cobalt, but she loves her even though Carole tends to care for her more. Garnet gets stolen in "Horsenapped" and thanks to Carole's quick thinking and the help of Stevie, Phil, Scooter, Murray, and Red, Carole manages to get Garnet back to the stables without Veronica noticing. Veronica sold Garnet in "Horse's Keeper" to avoid working at Pine Hollow to pay for Garnet's board and to avoid having Stevie be her supervisor, but in the end, Veronica gets Garnet back and promises to look after her more often. She is an expensive thoroughbred. (After all, Veronica wouldn't even look at a horse less than best!)