Elizabeth "Lisa" Atwood is a Straight A student who is named after her Aunt Elizabeth.  Petite with classic good looks, Lisa dresses in designer clothes. Lisa struggles to overcome the ‘good girl’ image and is eager to take on new challenges to prove her strength and stamina.

Lisa starts out riding Patch, the perfectly trained ‘push-button’ school pony at Pine Hollow. Eventually she graduates to riding Prancer, the chestnut thoroughbred mare. Lisa is determined to make a show jumper out of the ex-racehorse, but the blue ribbon remains elusive.

Because her mother, Eleanor, lives her life through Lisa, she wants her daughter to be the best at everything. Thus, Lisa is a classic over-achiever and perfectionist. She is always striving to be that little bit better than everybody else is so although she is a loyal friend to Carole and Stevie, there is always that edge of rivalry between them to keep things interesting. Lisa gets on well with boys and they really respond to her, because she is such a good listener about any problem they might have. And the advice she gives is always spot-on. 

Lisa’s mother is a determined social climber and she sees the horse world as a way of her daughter being accepted into the ‘right’ circles. As well as the riding lessons, Lisa takes ballet, clarinet, art and tennis classes and she is envious of girls who can go home after school and just veg. out. Lisa’s younger sister, Melanie, has now been enrolled at Pine Hollow and unfortunately for Lisa, this means she will always be underfoot.

Lisa has grown from her initial insecure start at Pine Hollow to being an integral part of the place with close bonds with Stevie and Carole. But Lisa has another, unexpected side to her character – and it is horses, which bring it out. Yes, she is a perfectionist and over-achiever, but she has a way with horses – in fact all animals – which is almost uncanny. This bond and intuition with horses is particularly strong when it comes to the wild stallion, Diablo.


Her first horse was Patch until she graduated to Prancer in "Jumping to Conclusions".


She is a member of The Saddle Club.

Carole and Stevie begin liking her when she saves Stevie and Comanche's lives from a deadly prank Veronica pulled. Lisa befriended Veronica but soon dumped her. Like the rest of the SC, she hates Veronica.


  • Lisa's favorite color is Orange.
  • Lisa is good at making Milk Shakes.
  • Lisa had to have an emergency appendectomy in "Over the Bit".
  • In the books, Lisa is a year older than Carole and Stevie and goes to school with Carole.
  • In the books, Lisa also has an older brother named Peter.
  • In Season 3, Lisa has a Pink Grooming Kit for Prancer.
  • Lisa once had a severe riding accident that left her in a coma for a while. She keeps a private diary. In the first two seasons Lisa has short curly brown hair. In the third season, Lisa has waist length due to the change of actresses. She bites her nails. In Season 3 of "The Saddle Club" Lisa has grown her hair long.
  • In "Itchy", Lisa tells Carole that she's allergic to Daisies after she gave her some as an Apology present for getting mad at her when Lisa did the right thing and told Mrs. Reg about her allergy symptoms.