MAX: You'll be riding Patch. He's a push-button pony.

LISA: Push button?

MAX: A bomb could go off and Patch wouldn't even blink!

-from "The Saddle Club" (episode 1, season 1)

  • Patch is twelve year old Brown and White Pinto Skewbald gelding. He is ridden by Lisa until "Jumping to Conclusions". Veroinca was forced to ride Patch after Cobalt died until she got Garnet in Episode 13. Patch is the pony that all new riders start on. He's a smart little pony, sometimes referred to as "push-button" since he stays focused and doesn't get spooked easily. His nickname is "Push-Button Patch". Quiet and kind, Patch is the perfect teacher. Patch is not seen or mentioned in Season 2. However, Patch is mentioned one last time in "Staying the Distance". He is one of Pine Hollow's school horses. In the books Lisa rode Patch only once, and Patch gets spooked if anybody slams a door and he's allergic to flies.
  • In the TV series, Lisa starts out riding Patch before she graduates to Prancer.