Rafael is a good looking Gypsy boy that The Saddle Club meet in Season 2 after he saves Lisa and Prancer's lives when Prancer got spooked by a snake and ran off. Kristi, Veronica, Neville, and Mr. Cowlin didn't trust Rafael and his mother from the beginning. Rafael has never forgiven Neville for stealing his guitar with all of his family's life savings and for stealing Diablo and locking him up in the Cowlin's garage. Originally Rafael got by with his correspondence lessons, but after "Running Free Part 2" Rafael talked his mother into settling down so he could go to school like a normal kid. Rafael and his mother used to be in the circus, where his mother would read fortunes. Rafael's father ran away from the circus. Rafael and his mother now work at the carnival at the Sweet Water Fun Park in Sweet Water. Rafael has never forgiven Bob for accusing him of stealing Lady Louise. He has a crush on Lisa. After "Running Free Part 2" Rafael and his mom aren't seen or mentioned again.