Starlight is Carole Hanson's horse. She bought her with the money that her mom (who died from cancer) left her. Carole trained Starlight herself. Originally called Pretty Boy. A six year old Buckskin Gelding with a blaze and a star. He belongs to Carole and is boarded at Pine Hollow along with the rest of the horses and ponies. He's really sweet, but didn't get along with Prancer in "Horse Shy" (book), but in the end they started getting along. Carole bought Starlight with the money her mother left her after she died from cancer. Carole almost sold Starlight in "Greener Pastures Part 2 (TV)" after the devastating loss of Cobalt. Starlight almost joined the Army in "Moving On Part 2 (TV)" when it seems that Carole will be leaving Pine Hollow and The Saddle Club forever when her dad is deployed overseas. Starlight can be a bully sometimes but is mostly gentle and affectionate. Starlight is also intuitive and seems to know just what Carole wants before she asks anything of him. Starlight was called "She" in Season 1 and "Girl" twice in Season 2. Starlight is Prancer's pasture mate. Starlight and Prancer are best friends. In the books Starlight is a Bay part Thoroughbred gelding who Carole gets as a Christmas present from her dad after Lisa tells Colonel Hanson about Starlight when Mr. and Mrs. Atwood wanted to buy him for Lisa. Lisa knew that she wasn't ready for her own horse yet.